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General Info

This community is for me to show the awards I have won as they were all on my user info page at my personal journal chicachellers and it was taking a long time to load. I will also be using this community to post graphics I make and maybe the odd tutorial if I like a specific look.

If you want to know the person behind the graphics then friend my personal journal chicachellers or you can just join this community if you are only interested in the graphics.


There are not going to be a big long list of rules but please take note of the few there are.

1. Be polite to myself and the other members. If you don't like my graphics then fine, just don't bother commenting to say you think they suck, it's a waste of your time.
2. Comments are good, even if you don't take any graphics I like hearing compliments XD lol
3. If you do take any graphics please comment to say what you're taking and then credit them to either chicachellers or chicagraphics (see below for example)
4. If you want to request anything then complete this form here, it does not have to be wrestling related.
5. Don't take any of my graphics and try and pass them off as your own.

An example of how to credit me


Most of my brushes have come from: 100x100_brushes
Textures are from: 77words, grrliz_icons and colorfilter, expose42, mutsie_brushes, xonlyashesx

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list because I just simply can't remember who I got things from so if you recognise something do let me know and I'll credit accordingly.

all_music_icons _wwe_divas total_icontest, divas_icontest, kelly_contest, jaded_kiss_gfx, wrestleicons, braided_scarlet, schoolie_gfx blondewashed, freetimer_icons, crimsonxicons, voulezvous, brit_icontest, xfallen_iconsx, inspirations100, houwhatgraphics, chicafics